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New Concrete

posted May 21, 2012, 2:47 PM by Lakeshore Concrete
Your company's website name says it all.  That is exactly what I needed, some new concrete.  My excitement has yet to wane following the installation of my new driveway.  The contractor explained to me that the quality of the materials is behind the excellent results.  The driveway is visually stimulating with all the various colors of rock.  I choose an exposed aggregate driveway to replace my asphalt that was broken up and thus unsafe for foot travel at night. 

After the crew washed away the top surface of the new concrete, I was left with a sea of wonderful smooth river rock that they sealed too make it look shiny all year, even in the dry sun.  My accolades go's to the supplier Lake Shore Concrete and the contractor for an excellent job well done.   Miss Jefferson -  Lake Oswego, Oregon